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Madni Walfare Foundation (previously known as Madni Islamic study centre and Sabri Education trust) is registered at Vadodara Charity commissioner vide no: E/4832. About 09 trustees are working in it. Under this trust Sabri high school established on June 1996 with six rooms in it. It was inaugurated at the date of 9th December 1994 with 225 students from nursery up to Grade 4. Now day by day it is progressing. Right now this trust is providing quality education in Gujarati medium from nursery up to Std 12. In Arts, Commerce and Science stream. And in English medium we are providing education from nursery up to Std 9. About 1300 students from 62 villages come to our school.

This trust provides good education without any donation and with nominal fees and free of charge for those who are very poor. The trust is working for the education for all people without any partiality. All the students and teachers are from all community came to teach and learn. So this trust is a symbol of unity.

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This trust has also a facility of Hostel for far distance students and running a multi Hospital which provides medical facilities for all community people who are suffering day by day life in different diseases by nominal fees and free of charge those who are very poor.

Now trust has started Ashrafi Channel. Our intention is to awake people in education and try to bring progress in education. And to educate those who want to know about vocational guidance and Government Services and to convey the message of Kuran Hadish and Holy people (Bujurgane-din) of non violence and for patriotism.


A great deal has been achieved by us over these past two decades thanks to the vision and blessing of our Sufi-Saint & founder of the Madani Welfare Foundation, Shaikh-Ul-Islam-Raees-Ul-Muhaqiqin-Saiyed Mohammad Madani Ashrafi-Jilani(Madde-Jille-Aaleh)

We would also like to take this opportunity to show our thanks to all those who have supported us in the past, as well as, to show our appreciation to all those who are continuing to support us in all our current projects.

We pray to our Creator Allah asking that all these group or individuals are rewarded for their good deeds.


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