Alhamdollilah, Allah (subbanahu wa ta-aala) gave us the tawfiqaat to successfully convey the message of Islam through our various activities during the past 20 years.

Madani Welfare Foundation is a registered Public Trust (under the Govt. of India) established in 1996 (Reg. No.E/4832) with the main objective of imparting true knowledge of Islam to people around the world. The greatest challenge as well as opportunity for us to established Educational, Technical, Medical line and Islamic media network for convey true path direction to different types of people.

When We Started

It all started in 1994 when two dedicated Muslim brothers from Karjan decided to donate 100000 square feet of land to build a school of excellence that could cater for the region's disadvantaged children and provide them with access to high quality education. With the generosity and help of many people, construction work for the school began and its foundation was laid on December 9th 1994.


Since opening the school has grown from strength. Today, the school provides high quality education for about 850 pupils coming from over 48 surrounding villages. None of this would have been possible if not for the charitable donations and generosity and support of people from Karjan, India and abroad.

Community opening

Six classrooms were built in the first phase to provide education from early Nursery years up to Primary level. The school opened in June 1996 enrolling its very first intake of 225 children during that year and receiving official approval from the Gujerat State Government.

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We are thankful to all participant and say 'JazakAllah' to them and pray to Allah (subbanahu wa ta-aala)to reward them abundantly for their good deeds.

It is a fact that whatever role we have been playing in this hospitality would have been impossible without blessing and vision of Sufi-sant and founder of Madani Welfare Foundation Huzur Saikhul-Islam wal-muslemin, Raisul Mohakkekin Saiyed Mohammad Madanimiya Ashrafiyul Jilaani Damat barkato-ho-mul Aaaliya.

Activities of Madani Welfare Foundation

-Run School Namely “ Sabari High school” for Gujarati Medium from Nursery to 12th Arts ,Commerce and Science. ( 1250 students)

-Run School Namely “Markaz Public School” for English Medium from Nursery to 9th. ( 500 students)

-Run “Madrasha-e-Ashrafiya” for Dini Taalim. ( 250 students)

- Manage “Simnani Hostel” Facility for Both school and Madrasha’s students. (with capacity of 30 Room120 students)

-Run “Madani Information Technology classes” for Technical knowledge.

-Run “Madani General Hospital” (with 25th Bad Facility) for Medical assistance of all People.

-Run “Ashrafi Channel” for Convey message of True Islamic and Educational knowledge.

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